Innovo maintains a complete Design Resource Library, which contains the most up-to-date information on architectural, furniture, and technology products, including brochures, specification information, and finish samples from the more than 200 vendors which Innovo represents through Workplace Environments. We can assist with space studies and furniture planning, as well as provide design concepts, furniture and finish selections, and presentation materials for clients.


We specialize in home offices. Whether you or your clients are looking to increase productivity, re-design, or re-create work space to meet certain needs, Innovo can employ our home office expertise to deliver the layout that works best for you. We can help you optimize your office environment to make the best use of your space and help you derive the most value from your furniture investment.



Innovo offers durable furnishings for long term and short term rentals, through numerous vendors. Having lost lasting furniture will ensure less stress and concerns about the wear and tear. We partner with Mattress Experts to bring a wide selection of beds and bedding to the home. Our furniture options range from retro to modern, and many other tastes.











When homeowners move, Innovo has the reusable storage and moving containers to allow for quick packing and safe transport of their household and personal belongings. Moving containers come in various sizes, but are as easy to manage as they are sturdy. Home delivery of the empty moving containers is available, as is pick up after the move in is finished. At Innovo we are dedicated to making our clients moves easy and stress-free. Just another environmentally friendly service provided by Innovo.